Anna Wiersma

A world at variance

I read the paper I’d read better not.
No rays of hope light up the news.
Too many pictured faces
full of bewilderment, chaos, despair
and sorrow that cannot be captured…

I’d better do not read the paper.
Does anyone still dare to speak that
“No more war”?
And is it known how that is done:
being afraid nor lacking dreams
nor hope, nor courage where to stand?

I read the paper and I realize
that many lives were given, taken
to let us be ourselves in freedom:
no longer persecuted or enslaved or killed,
not on the run but all secure, together!

I read the paper, here the rays come in.

© Anna Wiersma, 24-3-2016, stadsdichter Zutphen 2015-

[©  P.B. Kempe for  the English translation]